Radiator Policies / Shipping / Returns / Warranty


How to request a return:

Call customer service 928.208.5777 or email stoneparts@outlook.com  with the following;

Account number or business name

Part number(s)

Specific reason for return on all requested products

Original order or PO number, purchase date, and installation date. 

Prior to requesting a warranty or damage claim please refer to the warranty busters. 

Warranty request for heavy duty product require installation paperwork 

In some cases, before the product is returned, photos may be required. 

We will then issue a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). All returns are inspected prior to credit approval.


Any shipping damage will be filed with the carrier and needs to have a claim filed separately and not in connection with warranty returns. When returning product to Seller take care to package properly.



Our 1-Year Limited Warranty covers all our Manufacturers Radiator product.

Our Radiator Manufacturer warrants its products for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.*

Any product to be submitted for warranty consideration will require a Seller issued Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA), a copy of the Buyer’s invoice, and a copy of the work order noting the date, the part number, and for radiators, the proper coolant mixture used at the time of installation. All products submitted for warranty consideration are at the sole discretion of Stone Equipment Parts Returns Department. Warrantied product will be credited to your account.

Seller’s Returns Department will provide the requirements and any additional information necessary to process your warranty claim as well as instructions on the routing of the product based on the nature and/or details of the specific product for warranty consideration.

Seller nor our Radiator Manufacturer has no obligation for reimbursement of labor or material charges for product replacement, removal, installation, related parts, components, or any subsequent expenses that are incurred. Should overheating, engine or transmission damage or failure occur, Seller nor Manufacturer will not consider an offset for any expense.

This limited warranty is void if the product is subjected to misuse, neglect or misapplication. The warranty is void if installation error, installation damage or operating conditions provide an environment causing damage, corrosion or blockage, or limits the performance of the product. Any unauthorized attempt to modify or repair a Radiator Product voids this warranty.

Our Manufacturers Radiator’s products should not be installed in any cooling application where the warning lights and/or gauges have been made inoperative or are ignored during operation. These devices warn the operator of pending overheating conditions or failure long before internal engine damage occurs. Failure to monitor engine cooling performance is considered to be operator neglect and is not a basis for warranty.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights which vary from state to state. We as the Seller nor our Manufacturer does not grant or authorize any person or business to assume, express, or imply responsibility other than those stated in this limited warranty.

*Excluded from our 1-Year Limited Warranty are any products which are not a finished and/or a complete assembly such as a Radiator Core or a Custom Radiator Kit. For components which require further manufacturing or welding, Seller and our Radiator Manufacturer warrants that these products will meet the specifications of the ordered or described product and be free of defects in materials and workmanship for its intended use. Seller nor our Radiator Manufacturer does not warrant or imply warranty on these components as they are completed and finished for use by further manufacturing processes outside of our or our Radiator Manufacturer’s control.



Overall Front/Back

Documentation of Serial Number

Closeup of area in question

Documentation tags on side-channel

Documentation tags on box


When removing the old radiator take note of which bolts go where. It is imperative that the correct size bolts be put in the correct place. Too long of a bolt could cause damage and make your warranty void.


To ensure product arrives in good condition, make sure all boxes have proper packing to protect the product to its final destination. Stacking boxes vertically protects the product using the strength of the box. This will eliminate chances of reboxing fees and shipping damage during transit back to the Manufacturer.


Any shipping damage will be filed with the carrier and needs to have a claim filed separately and not in connection with warranty returns. When returning product to Manufacturer take care to package properly.


Simply put: It is an electric current flowing through a liquid, stripping metal molecules from one spot and depositing them in a different spot.

The problem: The process of electrolysis can discolor, eat holes in, and plug metal components.


Damage to the filler neck or hose connections as a result of water, steam, recycled anti-freeze, or other non-approved additives will not be covered.


A quality radiator, like our Manufacturers Radiators’ will do its job best when part of a quality system. An over pressurized radiator is usually the first sign to a larger mechanical issue. Most often it is the first sign to a blown head gasket. More rarely it is the result of a worn radiator cap. It is essential that a new cap always accompany a new radiator.


Fertilizers and other chemical catalysts accelerate deterioration and are not covered by warranty.


Coolant that appears rusty is contaminated from oxidation or possibly mixing different types of coolant causing premature failure.


When installing the new oil cooler fitting, take care not to force the thread. If not aligned properly the threads could strip and void your warranty.


Is your radiator really leaking? Surge tanks, and the components associated with them, are prone to failure. A leak in one of these components in applications where the tank mounts above or alongside the radiator can easily look like a radiator leak from the coolant dripping down onto the radiator. 

Perceived Leaking Radiators with surge tanks in these positions, regardless of plastic or metal construction, must have the tank and hoses inspected before determining the radiator to be defective, or at fault.

All radiators returned under warranty are checked and tested. If no leaks are found, credit will not be given.