Stone Equipment Parts, LLC Core Return Guidelines:

These items are applicable to ALL core returns:

  1. To return a core Buyer must contact Seller at 928-208-5777 and email to request a Core Return Authorization.  
  1. All cores must be returned by Buyer freight prepaid to the address and instructions as provided by Seller at time of processing the Core Return: Attn Core Return Department:
  1. Cores must be received by Seller no later than 21 days from date of invoice. Credit will not be issued for cores received after 21 days.
  1. Only cores with the same group or core code classification as the exchange unit ordered will be acceptable.
  1. A packing list and Core Return Authorization must be included with all core returns. The packing list must have Buyers name, address, contact name and phone number plus detail quantity and identification of cores by one or more of the following:
  2. Core code or core group
  3. Part number
  4. Buyer Invoice or Order number
  1. If no invoice or order number is referenced on packing slip, credit will be issued to oldest outstanding invoice with corresponding exchange unit.
  1. Core must be returned in protective packaging to prevent damage which may be caused during transportation.
  1. Core must be in “off engine” condition as it was when originally removed from the engine.
  1. Cores must be complete and cannot have been disassembled since being removed from the engine.
  1. Cores damaged by non-operational causes such as rough handling, improper removal from the engine, fire or improper protection during storage will not be accepted.
  1. Electronic injectors with broken stator terminals will not be accepted (see #9 above) 
  1. Light flash rust is acceptable, but heavy rust and/or pitting due to improper protection during storage is not acceptable.
  1. Credit will be given only for cores owed. Additional cores received will be scrapped or returned at customer’s expense. Stone Equipment Parts will not “Bank” excess cores.
  1. The customer will be contacted by Stone Equipment Parts regarding any discrepancy and given 10 days to respond.
  1. Broken tips (nozzles) on Cummins ISX & CAT 7000 (pencil) Series will NOT be acceptable.